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Yoga Gift Guide: 9 Gifts Under $50 To Start and Deepen Your Practice

The winter holidays are barreling toward us, and this means that we’re all about to be inundated with absolutely everything that consumerism and capitalism has to offer.

Let me be frank here: you don’t NEED any fancy equipment or props to practice yoga. The best “yoga accessory” out there is an open mind that is willing to learn and strives to put those teachings into practice.

However, if you’re feeling like your trusty yoga equipment could use a little upgrade, or you’ve got a new practitioner in your life who doesn’t quite know where to start with everything that’s out there, have I got the gift guide for you! And everything is $50 or under!

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  1. Yoga mat bag: This one is big enough to fit your mat, a blanket, and 2 blocks! I love it

  2. Cork blocks: Why not upgrade your boring old foam blocks to these sturdy (and adorable!) cork blocks?

  3. Yoga ring: Hate the acrobatics you have to go through to make a yoga strap work for you? Try these yoga rings!

  4. Knee pad: Kneeling poses not as comfortable as you wish they were? Give this knee pad a try! You might find that it’s cushier and easier to maneuver than a blanket.

  5. Yoga blanket: Speaking of blankets! Grab one of these gorgeous blankets & use it for anything from sitting on to supporting your knees in a Supta Baddha Konasana to covering up during Savasana!

  6. Bolster: There’s nothing like a bolster! Use it for extra support in Savasana or Balasana, or to sit upon at the beginning or close of your practice!

  7. Embrace Yoga’s Roots: With the guidance of Susanna Barkataki, dive deeper into your yoga, and learn how you can start to embody a complete yoga practice that surpasses the physical.

  8. Yoga For Everyone: Dianne Bondy has made it her mission to make yoga asana accessible to EVERYONE!

  9. Yoga cards: Beautiful illustrations, pose names in Sanskrit (with pronunciation guides), and everything you need to start a home yoga practice!

Stephanie Cottrell is an Albuquerque, NM based yoga teacher. Join her for an

in-person or online class at

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