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Simplify Your Mornings (by being a better "nighttime you")!

I’m not exactly a morning person, but as a mom to a now teenager, I’ve had to play one on TV for about 13 years now. I don’t exactly mind being up in the morning (there's nothing quite like being the first one up and having a quiet house for that first cup of coffee and the Wordle), but I hate the sense of urgency and dread that comes with being unprepared for it. Mornings come every day, so we need to stop letting them catch us off guard! Over the years I’ve figured out what works for us, and that’s


I know, it’s not exactly revolutionary, but think about how life changing it can be. How grateful is "future you" when "past you" took something off of your plate? What can you make time and space for in the mornings (more sleep, meditation, yoga, workout, walk, reading, longer breakfast, conversations with the spouse/kids) by taking care of the EASIEST stuff at night before bed? We can’t control everything. No matter how hard we try. Now it’s time to think about the little things that we can control.

Put yourself in your bed waking up one morning: What are the first three things that you wish you had done the night before? What would it be a relief to not have to do?

These are the things that I do, and they're all pretty simple, but I’ll fill you in on how I make them work for me.

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Tidy common areas

Put dishes away or in the dishwasher. Clear off the space (kitchen/dining room table, breakfast bar, or nook) where breakfast will be eaten. Even put remotes where they can be easily accessed. This is not to say that our house is spotless and neat every evening, but I do my best to clear our dining table and the coffee table in the living room so I don't have to look at bullshit through bleary morning eyes. Decluttering is for a different day: this is for survival. Anything extraneous you have to look at is taking energy from you, and none of us have that luxury in the morning.

Prep breakfasts
Pack lunches
Set out clothes
Pack bags for work/school
Prep morning coffee/tea

And so I guess that's what this all is: a ritual. When you have a routine or a ritual, you make space for yourself and so many other things.

If you're looking to create space for a yoga practice, check out my free guide, or join me in person or on Zoom for a class!

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